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What does being a housewife mean? The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of a housewife is a happy middle aged woman, always with a smile, fulfilling many roles. We think she does all this effortlessly and always with a smile on her face. But the reality is not that simple; let’s take you to witness what happens behind the scenes.

In reality, a housewife’s job is much more demanding and kudos to her for making it seem so easy. Statistically speaking, an average housewife’s working hours which are more than 100 hours a week would put the most serious of worker to shame. The only bit of relief she ever got was in the form of electrical appliances, like your everyday refrigerators, washing machines, ovens and many more. These are not just mere lifeless items that you and I consider them to be, they are her trusted companions, whom she relies on in times of distress, whom she trusts to always have her back. In earlier days, time was resource which you could spend frivolously, without a care in the world, but those days have long bygone. In this modern world where time literally is money, and you count your minutes against those dollars, time literally is money. These appliances help you perform your everyday jobs, without which you just can’t imagine a normal existence all the while saving you a whole lot of precious minutes, thus making you earn more and consequentially live more.

But what happens when all these guardians of kitchen go awry? What would you feel when all of a sudden your refrigerator isn’t working, your dryer is keeping your clothes wet, dirty laundry comes out of your washing machine no matter what you do? Your life gets dysfunctional, you feel lost. You are hell bent on restoring your life to everyday normality, no matter what the cost. Who do you trust to safeguard your dear home appliances and make them as good as new? Give us at Appliance Repair Newport Beach a chance. We assure you we will never disappoint you. We assure you of the best quality service at the lowest possible price, you won’t find better handymen than us, anywhere. We strive to always put our customer ahead. We listen to their problems like a good psychiatrist, work out a solution and perform the surgery like a good surgeon, and provide aftercare like a good counsellor.

Ideal Appliance Repair Newport Beach CA

Our three step procedure developed by those highly overrated managers that we all look upon in disdain, but who are always good at their job, is simple to follow and understand. The steps we follow while doing a repair are:

1. Call us and tell us your problems.

2. We will send our service technician to you where he will perform a thorough check of your home appliance and after analysis provide you a cost estimate of what it would take to fix your appliance.

3. If you agree to the price, then and only then will he starts his repair job.

Our staffs at Appliance Repair Newport Beach, CA are highly skilled and well trained to tackle any and every brand and model of appliances out there in the big bad world. We encourage them to be forthcoming and communicate the defects in the home appliance to the owner in as simple terms as they can provide. Sometimes they might, in your home appliance find problems that you have not noticed and thus left unreported, they will tell you about this too, so you get a better understanding of what is wrong. They will then give you a cost estimate with everything broken down, so that you know you are not being overcharged. We encourage transparency in our service because we value consumer trust, a lot! If you agree to the quoted price, then our service representative will begin his work and voila! You will be left with a device as good as new in a matter of a few hours.

We understand emergencies; a better way to put it would be that we deal in them. Thus we at Appliance Repair Newport Beach, CA strive for same day service. Our 24×7 customer support network is always aware, playing the role of a vigilante for you. All you’ve got to do is make a call and we would be at your doorstep, there to fix whatever problem you might have. So put your trust in Appliance Repair in Newport Beach for once and give us a chance to help you live a better life.

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